How Facedrive’s back to school kit can be the perfect student solution for students

As students make their way back to school, this year will certainly be an adjustment.

Aside from the typical challenges, students will also be facing hybrid learning systems, COVID-19 protocols and more. These added stresses can make the thought of returning to class a bit of a daunting one, and so it’s with this in mind that Facedrive has created its own Back to School Kit, full of resources to make the fall transition smoother.

Here’s what’s included in Facedrive’s Back to School Kit, and why students will want to make use of it throughout their school year.

Facedrive Foods

Here’s the thing: When you’re a student, food is a big deal. In between running from one class to the next, taking part in extracurricular activities, and the cost of groceries, it can be tough to find the time to actually put a full meal together, let alone one that’s good for you.

Facedrive foods back to school

This is, of course, where Facedrive Foods comes in. Not only does it have your favourite options to choose from, there are also a bunch of restaurants that are unique to Foods, too, which focus on offering a culturally diverse assortment of dishes.

Not only will Foods deliver your food to you on time and ready for chowing down, but will offer you ongoing deals to make things more affordable.

Whether in the between classes or during you breaks you need to eat, to retain your energy and get through the day. Making food accessible to students is something that flies under the radar far too often. Facedrive Foods, part of our back to school kit can be a viable solution for you with wide range of options to choose from and amazing deals. Download

Ride hailing

Many of you may be going to school in a new city where they don’t know the way around very well, or there may be limited public transportation and they do not have access to a car. In such cases, ride hailing is one of the best and easiest ways to get where you need to go, it is also a safer option when compared to public transport.

Ride hailing - Back to school solution

So it is with the Facedrive app, which allows for the most intuitive experience you can have amongst all of the options out there. Not only will you be ensured a safe and responsible trip with drivers who are trained in all COVID-19-related health and safety protocols, you will also be able to access the Foods app as you ride and will be contributing to tree planting based on how many kilometres you travel. On top of that, our fleet of drivers preferably drive Electric & hybrid cars, which is incentivized by Facedrive.

Facedrive rideshare’s focus on affordable green solution far surpasses its competitors, making it the clear choice for students and their oft-limited budgets, making it a perfect back to school solution. Download.


While Facedrive is top-notch for getting you wherever you need to go within the city, HiRide exists as a way out of it. Students, particularly those starting their post-secondary careers, who are living away from home can often find themselves missing the familiarity of where they grew up.

HiRide - Back to School

It’s not only a good idea to keep connections with friends and family strong by travelling home every once in a while, but it’s a way to maintain robust mental health as well. Allowing yourself to relax and recharge in a recognizable environment can make the transition into something entirely new that much easier.

HiRide lives for this purpose, helping students get where they need to go at legitimately affordable prices. Take a trip by bus for example, and it will cost you significantly more than one via HiRide.

A pathway home shouldn’t be a near-implausible expense for students, and Facedrive is set on making sure that’s the case. Download


Perhaps more so than the rest of us, young people tend to have a foundational understanding of the impact of climate change and the ever-growing need to do something about it. They would, too, then, understand the importance of EcoCRED better than most audiences.

EcoCred - Back to school solution

Using this tool, which is attached throughout Facedrive’s other products, students can easily keep track of their personal carbon footprint on a daily basis based on where they live, how they commute, and their heating and air conditioning habits. They can then make the appropriate changes necessary to help make the world a greener place, changes that are suggested by the application itself. At the start of a new school year, it’s the perfect time to be inspired to make change. EcoCRED holds its users accountable to that desire, and is so simple to use that even those lukewarm about adjusting their habits will find themselves swept up with a new eagerness to become eco-conscious. Download now.

Facedrive is driven by the desire to make a difference and impact the environment in a positive way. We hope that our back to school solutions can help all of you by solving your day to day problems, effortlessly. Let us know what you think on our social media and provide us feedback on how we can improve.