Facedrive Health wielding artificial intelligence in fight against COVID-19

Artificial intelligence (AI) in the era of COVID-19 has become a most powerful tool in tracing and predicting the risk related to this pandemic across the planet. The Globe and Mail states that the “new COVID-19 variant can evade immunity,” which has led to tech gurus joining hands with the technology of artificial intelligence to treat and monitor the new variants of COVID-19. Various prototypes and proposals are being introduced regarding machine learning, making it easy for people to understand the boon this technology has given to mankind.

The possibilities that revolve around artificial intelligence are endless and play a vital role in modelling the future of innovation in every industry. AI in the market of wearable tech is a win-win situation especially in this pandemic as it directly impacts the decision-making of people as everyone wants to be safe. Some people believe that wearable technology could eventually help in enhancing the quality of patient care while reducing the extra cost.

But that’s not what a huge chunk of the population thinks about artificial intelligence and
digital contact tracing!

As the word itself suggests that it traces the contact between the individuals the main
concern that remains is — privacy!

Precisely, whether they trace the user’s real-time location or not.

TraceSCAN — powered by Facedrive Health — is an AI integrated digital contact tracing
wearable that was launched in 2020. It is among the very first digital contact tracing devices that only tracks user interactions using device ID’s (not names). Designed with a prime motive of ensuring a safe working zone for everyone irrespective of their environment, TraceSCAN can be worn in places where GPS doesn’t work; all the user needs to do is wear the device and let the artificial intelligence do the rest. Bundled up with upcoming features such as access control, payments, oxygen levels, monitoring heart rate, and body temperature, it is one of the best digital contact tracing devices available in the market with the most reasonable prices.

Digital contact tracing wearables like TraceSCAN could help people go back to normal lives even before vaccination is available to everyone. No doubt the data that is generated by these digital contact tracing wearables is both an opportunity and a challenge, but when integrated with artificial intelligence it opens a lot of doors to opportunities for the future.