How Facedrive Ridesharing prioritizes on ESG mandates for drivers and riders

There are many ridesharing platforms these days, but only one that cares about the environment as much as it cares about its customers.

Facedrive has created (and is always working to improve!) a top-tier ridesharing service that takes both the time and energy required to give drivers and riders alike a safe, high-quality experience while simultaneously aiding in the necessary push towards a greener, healthier planet.

Here are some of the unique ways Facedrive’s ridesharing model sets itself apart from its competitors.

Ridesharing for drivers

The primary incentive for becoming a driver with Facedrive is just how much support is provided. Not only will drivers be given a comprehensive training manual to ward off any concerns they may have upon sign-up, but they will be brought to Facedrive’s physical headquarters for an extensive in-person training session that will connect them with other company employees/drivers and present them with the opportunity to ask any lingering questions.

Beyond the exquisite personal experience (always a mere call away!), Facedrive also offers its drivers a higher portion of income than the vast majority of its competitors. Employees can earn up to 90 per cent of each fare and will keep 100 per cent of the tips they garner. A number of ongoing promotions that can be earned by completing driver quests ensures the possibility of receiving even more pay, and completing a maximum number of trips will be recognized and rewarded by the company.

In keeping with its ESG mission, Facedrive proudly makes certain to give back to the planet with every ride a driver completes, too. A unique in-app algorithm calculates the carbon output generated for each trip based on the type of the vehicle and distance travelled. An appropriate number of trees are then planted to offset that carbon output. So not only are Facedrive drivers subject to the best possible driving experience, they are also guaranteed to be helping the environment as they work.

Ridesharing for riders 

As a rider, the prospect of ridesharing can be a daunting one. It can be difficult to know what the experience will be like on any given day, with any given person as a driver. But with Facedrive, riders can rest easy knowing that each and every driver has undergone extensive training (including as it pertains to COVID-19 protocols) and is primed to give them a trip unlike any they’ve had before. Riders will even be able to see if their driver has opted to share their vaccination status before they arrive for pickup—comfort is a top priority at Facedrive for both customers and employees.

As aforementioned, Facedrive is committed to sticking with its ESG mandate when it comes to all services, including ridesharing. Riders, of course, will contribute to the offsetting of carbon emissions by each trip completed, but they’ll also be able to help the environment by choosing to make their trip in a hybrid or electric vehicle. Facedrive’s algorithm specifically hones in on those eco-friendly options as well, adding additional rider incentives should they select them.

On top of all of this, Facedrive never enacts surge pricing, so rides will always cost the same no matter when or where one decides to take a trip. Riders will never be left to feel the anxiety of opening up their app during rush hour and seeing the skyrocketing prices for a trip that is only a short distance.

We have now created our super app, which has Rideshare and Foods in one app, download. As of now, interested parties will be able to find Facedrive rides within the Greater Toronto Area, London, Orillia, Hamilton and Guelph. Going forward, Facedrive plans to reach further and further into more fertile regions and give everyone the premier ridesharing experience they deserve. Let us know if you wish for Facedrive to come to your city next.