How is Facedrive Foods Uplifting Restaurants During the Pandemic

Restaurants have navigated a difficult terrain in an unprecedented time for the world, but helping people has always been ingrained in the DNA of Facedrive Food’s mission. Here are some of the ways the Scarborough-based food delivery app is empowering restaurants, so they can keep serving our communities.

Tablet Fees Are Waived

To get on the map in the food delivery industry, restaurants need to incur set-up costs, which
range from $0 to $400. To help restaurants, Facedrive Foods has temporarily waived the fees of
tablets, which is used to facilitate the orders. The idea that beyond profit are people is at the
core of their commitment to help restaurants.

Competitive Commission Fees

There is no free lunch, but there are sweeter lunches. Facedrive Foods offers reasonable fees, and also is willing to work with the restaurant and personalize the fee structure. Facedrive Foods understands the gravity of the situation, and acts more as a partner, rather than a provider of food delivery.

Marketing Together

Marketing is really the “language of the product” and to convey a message that sticks, Facedrive
Foods is all hands on deck to steer the ship. From generating a buzz to creating ads, graphics
and much more, depicting the happiness, enthusiasm, and delicacies our restaurants is of
paramount importance to us.

Leveraging Local

Local restaurants are the heart and soul of our communities, and to keep them on the fast lane,
Facedrive Foods has put the spotlight on some Scarborough favourites like Lawjab Biryani N
Grill and Gujrat Grill for the biryani lovers, and even Thalassery Junction for those that love
food fried with love. Check them out in the “Scarborough Favourites” section and download
now to enjoy 15% off your first purchase.

In the rise of this pandemic, digital has proven to be king, and Facedrive Foods wants to pave the path for being a food partner, not just a provider in its mission to elevate the ethnic experience.