Why buying refurbished/open-box products is great

People are always fascinated by the idea of new.

Like magpies, we see something shiny and we want it. Whether it be a swanky new car or the latest high-powered laptop. But once you get past the glare of new, it quickly becomes apparent that there are better, more financially rewarding options to be had, like refurbished or open box products.

What follows here are three major benefits of refurbished electronics, and why you should consider making the switch to them at once.

Environmental benefits

First and foremost, buying refurbished electronics means you are actively helping protect the environment and, therefore, the future of generations to come. These products generally have fairly short life spans, but when they are refurbished, it evidently leads to them living second or even third lives, keeping them from becoming waste for a much longer stretch.

By the same token, people keeping their electronics for lengthier periods of time ultimately decreases the demand for new products, which in turn means fewer of them are created and less of the planet’s resources are used up.

At present, only 16 per cent of technological waste is recycled, while the rest of it finds its way into the environment as waste, becoming immediately damaging.

While it may not be entirely obvious for the average working person, simply holding on to your electronics or buying used can make a huge difference in the mark you’re leaving with your carbon footprint.

Cheaper price

Most benefits that come from buying refurbished electronics are tough to see and can lead to a lack of motivation to invest in them. However, one of the most tangible advantages in going the used route rather than brand new is simply the price.

It’s not uncommon to see smaller devices (such as cell phones or smart watches) at a discounted cost of up to 50 per cent. Bigger devices (such as computers or printers), while not as savings-friendly, can still often be found for up to 25 per cent less.

In the end, these products are exactly the same as if they were new, they just don’t have that particular label stamped on the box. It makes no sense to pay for the full price of such items when they can be purchased for significantly cheaper with little-to-no difference in their actual performance. 

Truly, shopping refurbished just means shopping smart.

Low-risk investment

Electronics are expensive. It can be a big investment to purchase, for example, a brand new computer when you aren’t absolutely, 100 per cent certain that it’s the product you want over something else. That’s where refurbished items become a superior option.

Acquiring an older electronic product that’s been refurbished and is, therefore, cheaper, means that you as an individual (or as an office if you are purchasing a multitude of products) can test it out and decide how you feel about it without having had to invest in it too heavily from both a fiscal and emotional standpoint.

If it works out well and makes it so that you don’t need to buy anything else, great! You’ve solved your problem as efficiently and economically-friendly as possible. If not, then at least you won’t have blown your budget on something else and feel stuck with what you’ve now got. 

It’s always smart to hedge your bets if possible—if you have any uncertainty about a product at all, used products are the way to go.

Facedrive Marketplace is launching a range of refurbished electronics for our customers. We want to encourage environment friendly habits to all Canadians and want and hope that you buy refurbished electronics wherever possible in the future, be it with us or someone else. We appreciate your love and support towards us and the environment.

We at Facedrive strive to become one of the best environmentally aware companies in Canada. Our goal is to make Canada one of the biggest Eco-friendly economy in the world and want your support to do so.